"...and the Winter passed, and the Sun shone upon her."

- J.R.R. Tolkien -

If you are looking for help then you have some idea of how you would like things in your life to be different. It may be “I want to feel less depressed and more engaged with life.” It may be related to eating issues; whether anorexia, bulimia, overeating, or obsession with healthy food. Depression, anxiety and other emotions are so much a part of eating issues and all will prevent you from making the changes you cannot seem to without help. Depression and anxiety in general can keep you from having the life you so desire and life losses can also keep you stuck in the past. We all want to find joy and meaning in our present life.

With any problem, whether depression, grief or eating issues, your relationship with your therapist is the most important factor. Your feelings of safety and trust over time, the relational issues that surface during therapy, your hard work and the relational skill of your therapist is what will propel you toward change and the life you want.

If you feel hesitant to start therapy, feel free to call or email to get more information to assist you with your decision. We can talk or meet in person to decide together if the services offered here are a good fit for you!

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