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A group for college women who are ready to go from overwhelmed and anxious to coping and confident.


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If you’ve been experiencing:

  • overwhelming feelings related to classes, assignments or college life so you get stuck or procrastinate which makes things worse
  • anxiety or panic about your future or ability to graduate and live life as an adult
  • self-criticism or low self-esteem because you keep getting behind and feel like a failure
  • aloneness and shame because you feel you’re the only one struggling with these things
  • down on yourself because no matter how hard you work you can’t seem to dig yourself out of a hole
  • difficulty with reaching out for help and you’re feeling pressure from professors or your parents

Confident in College Group will help you with these overwhelmed and anxious feelings so you can:

  • cope effectively with emotions and self-defeating behaviors
  • feel optimistic and excited about your future and ability to handle it
  • confidently deal with one assignment and class at a time and build on your successes
  • support others and be supported so you know you’re not alone
  • face concerns head on and be able to ask for help when you need it
  • see a capable, competent young woman looking back at you in the mirror

I’m Lynn Moore and I love helping college women just like you go from overwhelmed and anxious to confident and coping so you can be successful in college and feel excited about your future.

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